Brick Laboratories is the premier pharma company focused on delivering the highest quality health care products.

Brick Laboratories (Unani), a phytopharmaceuticals equipped with state of the art manufacturing unit, in compliance with GMP; implementing all modern advancements, marketing its products ethically which means prescription sale only. Brick Laboratories has recently been issued “Form 6” and enlisted as “manufacturer” with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, in its way to the registration with the Ministry of Health, Pakistan.

To be Premier source of knowledge, Leadership for the Achievement of Economically, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development.

Distinctive Leadership in Quality, Human Resource, Research & Development, Corporate Social Responsibility.

About Brick Laboratories

Brick Laboratories is a name of the trust, excellence, and quality in the Phytopharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. We strive to serve humanity in the best possible way by providing them a wide range of innovative and quality medicines. We are pioneers in presenting naturopathic products in the market on ethical promotion, to fulfill this challenging task we started the struggle on witnessed scientific grounds with realistic clinical evaluation. This is all because we are Always Natural in Origin.